Euroland Agora

A blended system of representation of Euroland citizens

An important step towards the invention of 21st century’s transnational democracy

What is the Euroland Agora?
Euroland Agora #1

Euroland Agora #1

Towards a Trans-European Social Contract

Athens, Autumn 2017

This time let’s do it together!

Become one of the first contributors to the creation of a transnational political space Join the AgoraJoin the Debates

A collaborative process

The first Agora of Euroland Citizens takes place in Athens, Spring 2018.
Co-organized by LEAP and AEGEE / European Students’ Forum and supported by the Representation of European Commission in Greece, Euroland Agora #1 will be the first General Assembly of this blended system of representation of the citizens of Eurozone.
The policy recommendations, project proposals and even the functioning structure of the Euroland Agora itself, will be developed by YOU, the participants!

Join the Debates!

Our platform, to serve as the permanent online Euroland Agora

Creating the first representative Body of Euroland Citizens - Together!

Join Euroland Agora #1!

Our first general assembly in Athens, Spring 2018


time till the Agora








Join our Meetings!

Online meetings in our meeting room, from and by the citizens!

Meeting Room

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